Science and Religion

The world today can be likened to a mathematical Venn diagram comprising of two circles overlapping each other.

In one circle, belongs one school of thought and in the other, an antogonistic school of thought. These two streams of thought are namely science and religion.

And in the intersection of these two circles, it comprises those who believe that the orderlines and perfectness of the system as the handiwork of an omniscent and omnipotent being. Without the two circles, lies the masses of the people who sway with the currents of opinion as one or other of the two antagonistic schools of thought lost ground to the other. Science threatens the belief in the existence of a God while religion bars the advance of science on ethical and humanitarian grounds.

Succinctly, science is the accumulated and gained knowledge based on observed facts and tested truths, dealing with the phenomena of the universe and their laws. On the other hand, religion is the belief in the worship of a God or gods and a guide to life according to tenets and doctrines believed written by God – inspired writers if antiquity and handed down to the present generation in the Holy book.

Religion played it role in history. It united the people together.

It increased knowledge and learning indirectly; it averted wars that might otherwise have erupted; it opened up the ‘dark’ continent; it abolished slavery; it gave women her rightful status in the home and society; it wiped off animism and fear of the unknown; it gave hope when many would have given up.

On the other hand, science has also done good for mankind. The world lives in luxury, works in comfort and sleeps in peace. Science has literally reduced the dimensions of the earth enabling man to travel from one corner of the earth to the other in a cheap, comfortable and speedy way. Communication systems too bring our far-away neighbours to our office at the touch of a switch. Machines, a product of science now do the work for man, being able to undertake monstrous task.

There is always a dark side to everything.

Religion is righteous and true but it has been abused by the selfishness of man. Just as religion unites, so also does it disunite poeple. Pakistan broke off from the Indian Peninsular just because Pakistan did not wish to come under a Hindu leader. Ironically too, religion can be the cause for mass genocide. Hitler preached the purity of the Aryan race and blamed the Jews for crucifying Christ.

Science fares no better than religion when it comes to the opposite side of the coin. The machine has turned the world into a mechanical system.

Man no longer takes pride in his work. He is dust a bearing in a delicate network of extensive machinery. The drudgery drives him to drugs and perversion. The mass media world of science is also not without fault. Crime thrillers on television only serve to inculcate violence in the minds of juveniles. Hitler used the radio and television to deliver his demagoguery to nazify the German people. The result was World War Two.

What does the future hold for science and religion ?

In my personal opinion science and religion will continue to thrive on till time stops itself. Science will open new doors and the secrets of the universe will slowly be revealed on one by one. Religion will slowly lose its appeal over the young generation but there will always be a remnant faithfull.

GKJ U6S3 Page 55 Optimist 1980

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