School Captain 1979 Malacca High School

I was once asked what was so great or ‘high’ about the Malacca High School.

My prompt reply was dedication, patriotism, discipline, succeeding and excelling in both the academic and sports field for these qualities have always been synonymous withthe Malacca High School; these are the inherent qualities of its students and the makings of a premier school in the country.

The school will at last be getting its much needed hall and the hall will stand as the finest example of the fierce dedication and patriotism to the students of the Malacca High School, both former and present.

Funds were raised through a fun-fair, walkatons and personal donations and to think the majority of these students will not even get the chance to use the facilities of the school hall. It is my sincere hope that future batches of students who will eventually make use of the hall will remember and follow the example set.

To date, the discipline of the Malacca High School was and is still relatively high. And it is most gratifying for me to note that this discipline is more so in the form of self-discipline rather than enforced discipline, contrary to what many think. At this juncture, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks to the Principal, the Disciplinary Board, the staff, my fellow perfectrs and the Subordinate staff for their guidance and cooperation.

Special mention much go to the Vice-Captain Chin HH and the Head Girl, Ms Foo CC for their invaluable assistance rendered to me.

Play hard and study hard.

That was the advice given to me when I first stepped into MHS and it would also be my advice to all students for it is the essence of all success in the academic and sports field. Keep the flag of the Malacca High School flying high.

Yet in spite of the many and varied facilities and opportunities the school has to offer, these students who simply drift through their school life emerging indifferent and impassive. The sole reason for this is their non-participative attitude. True, while we are still in school, we fail to realise our full potential, we fail to develop ourselves fully. We must not forget that it is us, the studentss who will be the potential, we fail to develop ourselves fully. We must not forget that it is us, the students who will be the eventual flag-bearers of the glory and greatness of the Malacca High School.

Let not the past glories blind us but instead spur us to attain even greater heights. Abide our school motto for it is WE who must strive for better things.

My schooldays are drawing closer to an end. Like so many before me, at the end of this year it will be my turn to bid farewell to my Alma Mater. But the rewarding years I spent with this grand and immortal institution will forever remain in my memory.

School Captain

Page 6 Optimist 1979

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