Malacca High School Editorial 1979

Malacca High School has long been recognised as the premier school in Malacca from both the academic and non-academic points of view.

This does not come naturally with time, but diligence and initiative on the part of its ‘generations’ of pupils bring about this achievement.

A school may have a highly qualified and dedicated staff and excellent facilities but unless the pupils play their part well, the school will not succeeded in its efforts to project a brilliant image of success.

We, pupils of High School, are fortunate in the unlimited opportunities opened to us. With such privileges, we must bear the accompanying responsibilities that follow and not adopt a complacent attitude. It is our duty, in our work and in our play, in the classroom and outside it, to give of our very best in every aspect of school life in an endeavour to make the name of the school even more highly respected.

Although much can be said for the animated interest taken by our pupils in the smooth running of our school, there is still plenty of room for the pupils to participate, in the many extra-curricular activities and games that only a school can, and has the facilities to provide.

In participating, they will find that they have gained the fullest benefit from the opportunites provided by the school and will not look back with regret on their school days.

Not failing in out duty to do our part for the school, we now rely on the future generations to uphold the high standard and traditions of the school. To those entrusted with this task, we wish the every best for their exciting days ahead.

Page G Optimist 1979

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