Board Of Prefects 1979 Malacca High School

The Board took over with 32 prefects in August, 1978 under the helm of the new school captain, Lee TH. However, in early January, prefects Lai NY and Lim CP left to further their studies in Australia. K Krishnan also left to pursue a career in law. The Board would like to thank them for their services and with them the best of luck. The Board was again strengthened with the installation of 7 new prefects in March and the return of 9 prefects in Lower 6.

Besides performing their various duties in maintaining the smooth running of the school, the Board also extended their services at various school functions and at the Book Exhibition held by the Ministry of Education at Dewan Hang Tuah on 27th. March, 1979.

In March, the Board invited prefects from 10 other schools to the annual sports meet and the prefects’ buffet. The Board would like to thank the principal, Mr Chan YT for kindly consenting to subsidize the buffet. The prefects also attended the inter-prefects’ board games organised by the Board of Gajah Berang Secondary English School. During the get-together, the prefects were able to foster friendship and understanding among prefects.

During the first term, the board geared its resources to organise a premiere show in aid of the school Brass Band. Much effort and time was put in organising the show ‘The Swarm’ which was duly held on the 14th. of March at the Federal Theatre, Malacca. The show was under the distinguished patronage of the Chief Minister of Malacca, YAB Tuan Mohd. Adib bin Hj Adam.

The prefects were present in full force to ensure the smooth running of the show. Special thanks go to the Principal, the Disciplinary Board, Mr Patrick and the staff for their cooperation and support.

This year the prefects took the initiative to organised a concert for Teachers’ Day. Through this, the prefects have revealed new artistic talents among the students and widened their interests. The committee and group leaders, on behalf of the prefects, presented a cake to the Disciplinary Board as a token of appreciation for their guidance and support.

On the whole, the prefects have done well in their duties and in maintaining a high standard of discipline in the school. They have, to the best of their ability, upheld the tradition of the school and lived up to their motto, ‘EXAMPLE IS BETTER THAN PRECEPT’

Page 19 Optimist 1979

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