Red Cresent

Ever since the Red Cross Society first made its entrance in the school in 1953, it has never lost the limelight. The society which aims to render voluntary First Aid services in times of war and peace, takes an active part in all major school events. Besides, it also offers opportunities for the development of good citizenship and leadership through its various activities. Its guiding Motto being – “To Serve”

There were nearly 100 members in the Unit. The more senior members are divided into four sections while the recruits are catered for in another separate section. The recruits come under the care of a Recruit Leader aided by an Assitant. Each of the other four sections is under the charge of a Section Leader who in turn is aided by two Assistant Section Leaders.

Weekly General Meetings were held on Fridays. During those meetings, lectures on Junior First Aid, Junior Health and Hygiene and Junior Home Nursing was conducted. The practical aspects such as Footdrill, Stretcher Drill and Bandaging was also included. The lectures was conducted by advisers.

The activities of the Society were several and the Society rendered invaluable voluntary First Aid services during functions like Athletic Meet, Cross Country and Speech Day besides other public functions.

The Society made a study tour of the new Fire Brigade premises. Inter-sections First Aid competitions were introduced to enable members to put into practice what they learnt.

The Unit also participated in the First Aid and Quiz Competitions organized by the State Red Cresent Society and that of the VAD 1 Unit.

Page 80 Optimist 1978

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