Pancaragam Sekolah Tinggi

The year 1978 saw the band with a strength of 67 members, largely comprising recruits. Band practices were conducted twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 1978 can be regarded as a training year for the band since a considerable portion of the band was made up of new-comers. Hence, the brass band did not perform much for occasions during the course of the year.

Nevertheless, the band still performed for some functions. In the first term, we had our first performance which was for the School’s Annual Ahletic Meet. The performance was satisfactorily good in spite of the many new members. During the first term holidays, 8 NCO’s from the band attended a music course in Sekolah Menengah Sain, Air Keroh. During the one-week course, the NCO’s were given lectures on music as well as some aspects of band administration.

Following the first performance, the band put up a splendid show at the ‘Ekspo Pendidikan’ in CHIJ. It was a prestigious function since the Governor was the Guest of Honour. We were required to play for the inspection of the Guard of Honour as well as in the form of an orchestra.

Page 78 Optimiest 1978

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