“Enthusiam will flow from us to them … TEACHER” Malacca High School

Once upon a time a group of people, each with a knowledge of some sort to impart, set out to form a school, and to lay, in seven days, the “bricks” of their profession. They wanted this foundation to be instituted in any and every school and decided unanimously on a very simple and easily remembered “code”.

So they took the word “teacher” and worked their way through it. Each letter of the word “teacher” beginning with “T” and ending with “R” was to be in a great brick itself. “What do we want to our school to be ?, they pondered.

It will be a place of teaching. We will gather all kinds of students right up to the end of their teens. Ah yes, we’ll be great Tutors, and Tell them Tales of Travel and Teach them how to Trace the history of their ancestors; we’ll Teach them Trigonometry and Theories, and all about Telescopes and the like. We’ll Teach them how to Trade and be Thrifty. Then we musn’t forget to Teach them Tenses, too. We’ll even Teach them how to clear the Tracks on the fields, and bring home Trophies. We’ll need Technique for our terrific lessons. Our school will be a Treasury of Talents. We’ll Teach boys and girls how to make it to the Top. As for the Timid, we’ll try to make them Tough. There’ll by no Terror in our school. We’ll Talk with our students, and make them Toil, Then, there’ll be no Tears, for they’ll be heading for Triumph. And oh, what a Thrill it will be ! But, at times, there may be Trouble; there’ll be Tempers, and Tongues will take all Tones. Again, we’ll need Technique and Tact. Then, we’ll work like a Team to meet Targets, and hope little “Thank-you’s will reach us in Time”. Thus, the first day passed and the teachers had laid down the first brick. The second day they tackled the letter,

“Both we and our students will need to put in Earnest Effort. No doubt, there will be Exams for them to sit for, that may not be Easy, but this does not mean then cannot Excel. They’ll need to listen to the Echoes of their Teachers telling them the Essentials and helping them to Erase Errors. They’ll need to extract the Essence from each lesson, and then Exploit the faculties of their minds. Then, they derive good profits, and so will we, and they’ll make an enviable lot for the world to Employ. “Thus the second brick was laid down. On third day, the teachers decided that their school must be a place of Aims and Achievements,

“There simply MUST be Aims that we can achieve, We’ll Advise our students how not to Abuse their talents, or to be too Anxious about the exam. But all must know, Achievements is not Accidental; it takes Actions and Aspirations.” And so, the third brick was laid down. The fourth day came. ‘T.E.A.C’ “c” is for Comfort. Our school must be a place of Comfort. There must be a Canteen which serves Cakes or Coffee for Coins for Cash or Credit. This will be one of the Charms of our school, that will be as a,

Challenge for us. Then, once a hard day’s work is over, we’ll stop for a Chat in our own Choice Circle. Comfort adds Color, and though chiefly on the list a Clean, bright Classroom is a Capital idea.” Thus, the fourth brick was cemented, and the foundation grew stronger. On the fifth day, the teachers met again, and said, “Our school must be like a Home which Heralds, in Humour. It’s always Healthy to Hear a “ha-ha” from the teachers and the students. For then, the Humdrum is away and humans are Having a Happy Day. It’s nice to hear a “Hello” or see someone lending a Helping Hand. Then all is in Harmony and great.

Heights and Horizons may be reached. As we apply our Hearts to Humour, we’ll build a Heavens of our High School. ‘Hence, the fifth brick was placed, and the fifth day ended. The sixth day came, and the teachers were sure that their school should be a place of Eagerness and Enthusiasm. ‘We’ll instill in our students a longing to learn.

Enthusiasm will flow from us to them, and we will expect them, too, to be Enthusiastic. This aim, we shall Excute Effectively, our Efforts shall be worthwhile, Every students must learn to Enjoy his studies and be willing to Expose his heart to the Elements of Education. Then, anyone who enters our school and Expects to Experience only an Exhausting, perhaps boring day, will Exclaim that here is so something Exceptional, something worth our Effort after all ! So the sixth brick was laid proudly.

Now, on the seventh day, the teachers met, and saw what they had planned, and behold, it was very good. “Indeed, we are proud of our profession,” they agreed. They, taking hold of the last brick, They marked it “REST”. So on the seventh day, that is every Sunday, they rested for a day. It is a rest they deserved for a new week is ahead of them.

Page 43 Optimist 1978

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