Teacher’s Day 1978, Malacca High School

Teacher’s Day. 16th. May, was celebrated in every school throughout the nation. Such a day was regarded by the students and teachers as a day of honour and pride. It was indeed a day where misunderstandings and grudges ended their existence and reconciliation prevailed. Teachers and students encountered each other with hard feelings totally absent, their relationship further strengthened and with closer rapport established.

Following tradition, this year’s celebrations started off with the principal delivering his speech followed by a message pertaining to Teacher’s Day specially sent by the Ministry of Education. The Guest of Honour was Mrs. Emily Koshy who reminded us of the importance of the role of teachers in society in her speech. Following this was an unusual and well thougth out speech from the students’ representative as she analysed the word ‘Teacher’.

Back in the respective classrooms, the students and teachers spent the time by getting together and getting better acquainted. Various class programmes were put up by the individual classes for their form teachers. Small but cosy parties were held with the aid of the class funds. Mouth-watering delicacies were served, much to the delight of the students, and we hope, the teachers. Class activities like singing, exchange of jokes, conversation and laughter made the day a memorable one. Finally the teachers were presented with tokens of appreciation and gratitude from their pupils. Out side the confine of classrooms, a number of students voluntarily helped to wash their teacher’s cars.

Teacher’s Day was also the day when teachers were relieved from their daily burdens and they marched into the sports field with sportmanship that delighted the students. The teachers very sportingly joined in the friendly matches with the hope of our-classing the students in stamina and physique. The more active male teachers took part in basketball and tennis, while the lady teachers and school girls had a netball game.

Teacher’s Day will continue to be celebrated in the future so as to instil an awareness and appreciation of the invaluable services provided by the teaching profession.

Page 42 Optimist 1978

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