Josephine writes

Resting in the ‘siesta’ hour of an indoor camp organised to help MCE students to revise for their forthcoming exam; I was suddenly struck by a nostalgia for those days of teaching back in the Malacca High School (brought about by the daily task of teaching geography in the Camp). So I grabbed a pen nearby and decided to take this opportunity…

Malacca High School will always find a place in my heart. I shall always be grateful for the opportunity to be one of the many to have passed through its doors. I remember the mad rush from class to class at the sound of the school-bell…the marathon 14 days dash to finish marking off the mid-year and end of the year examination scripts.

All these and more is part and parcel of school life which though frustrating; is ironically what I remember with fondness about the school. It is through these frustrations, trials and difficulties that the rough edges of our lives are smoothened. Therefore, to every one in Malacca High, students and staff alike, I would like to say a special, ‘Thank You’ for your part in gracing my life.

Why is Josephine leaving us ? Where is she going to ? Is she going overseas ? I hear these words whispered along the corridors and under the hushed breaths of students just before I left. My years in High School is but one such stage in my life. I have enjoyed it and have learnt with everyone’s contribution and cooperation.

Page 15 Optimist 1978

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