editorial optimist 1978

“meliora hic sequamur” – translated literally, it means “here we strive for better things”. ‘what were the ‘better things’ that our founders had in mind when they coined the phrase that would one day be immoralised along with our 150 odd years of colourful heritage ?

character development no doubt would have been one of those ‘better things’. character building remains one of the noblest and most ambitious goals enshrined in our national educational policy. If our alma mater has inculcated in us nothing more than a strong sense of right and wrong coupled with the right doses of healthy self-confidence, she certainly has done much. a student with a string of brilliant academic records, but wanting in moral strength and self-esteem will break under the mounting pressures of society as he leaves the warm nest of his alma meter. a lesser student in terms of academic achievement but one who exudes self-confidence and knows where he is going, will emerge from the rough and tumble of the outside world as a stronger and better person well on the way to achieve his sound goals.

what then constitutes a stronger character ? self-confidence, self knowledge, ability to accept one’s limitations and potential tempered by a sound code of moral values are part of the answer. a man of character has learnt to master his emotions and self-doubts and channel them to constructive purposes. such a man is also the leader that our society needs as he is bold enough of stand for waht is right and best for the people and is not easily swayed by sentiments or intimidated by threats.

our school abounds with myriad opportunities for one who is determined to develop his potential to the fullest for the benefit of himself and society. The plethora of societies an uniform unit groups can only instill in oneself basic leadership qualities that will serve one in good stead some day. character is not complete unless one can learn to relax and shrug off one’s musty tomes for a while to play games. again our school abounds with a variety of games to suit one’s interest. the key word to note however is participation for participations’ sake and not solely to win. we do not boo our opponents; rather we should applaud them with the, same vigour as we usually reserve for our team-mates. a man with enough doses of healthy self-confidence does not fell threatened with one loss; instead he would resolve to train harder to fight another day.

all these opportunitites available in the school would come to nought if one does not make full use of them. all the advise of solomon would not change an old, rusty self if one is not willing to put in the little extra effort to shape and improve one’s character. the pathetic fact is a vast majority of us are acting no more than the silent passengers on a ship who embark it and then depart when the time comes, leaving no mark behind nor gaining anything in return except for a piece of paper with marks on it. to this passive on-lookers, it is time for us to change and realize that there is more that the school can offer us besides paper qualifications. let us change fast too, lest the time comes to say “goodbye” to our alma mater without our haveing striven for the “better things”

Page 1 Optimist 1978

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