This year marks a distinctive year for the House, where we emerged fourth placed in the Annual School Sports, 1977. It was an anticlimax for the House after several consecutive years of uproaring victory in MHS. However, inspite of our failure to follow the footsteps of our seniors in those appraising years, the spirit that lay within Albuquerque House still reigns prominent.

Selvanathan from Division 2, did exceeding well in the overall performance. He had two golds in his honour. Ben Hur – a sprinter; and Haridas – a long distance runner; from Division 1 are also worth mentioning for they did the House proud by grabbing a few medals. Apart from those mentioned, there are quite a number of other boys and girls too, who have tried hard to stand out in the crowd but some how or other, they are over-shadowed by the more hefty boys from the other Houses, in the long run. Nonetheless, we may have failed to fulfil the hopes of the house Masters involved but it can be assured that we have won in other fields.

Initiative, a cheerful spirit and good sportsmanships are qualities that have not gone amissed throughout the Sports season, with the majority of the Albuquerque House members. Under the respected leadership of our House Captain, Amardas, and the appreciated encouragement from our House Masters, the House achieved a high honour.

Page 108 Optimist 1977

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