St. Francis

St. Francis House began its quest to be the Champion House for the year 1977 with the election of the new office bearers at the beginning of the year. A blue-print was then formulated by the committee to carry out the selection of the House sportsmen and sportwomen.

But the glory due to the Franciscans was not long in coming. The Standard Tests held immediately after the Chinese New Year gave the others a glimpse of St. Francis’s athletic potential when the eventual results showed St. Francis House second to none, beating their nearest rivals by a clear margin of points.

There was no letting up of efforts by the Franciscans, after the Standards and when the Annual Cross Country race had come and gone, there was smiles once again among Franciscans, the reason being that the House emerged Champions. Individual results showed at least a Franciscan among the medals winners in each Division.

St. Francis entered the Sports Day with a comfortable lead. But no quarter was given and the House went on to emerge as Champion House. The athletes mainly responsible for hoisting the House from third place last year to first place this year when Tan TL who won a maximum of 4 golds, Wong SM, 3 golds, and Leo YF 3 golds.

This year is memorable to most Franciscans after so many years of hard work and near misses to be the Champion House. Mention must also be made on the House Masters and Mistress who had spent so much effort and time in spurring the Franciscans.

Page 105 Optimist 1977

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