High School 128th Annual Athletics Meet

Remember 31st. March 1977 – the day when High School held its 128th. Annual Athletics Meet. This auspicious day with all its special brand of excitement, joy and splendour was truly a special day – a day of days.

The Cadet Brass Band started to march out and behind the band were the school captain, head girl, and athletics captain, followed by the flag bearers and the various houses with their respective Queens. After the houses had assembled in front of the spectators stand, the athletics captain came forward to take the oath. When the oath-taking ceremony ended, the guest of honour, Encik Abdul Aziz bin Tan Sri Abd. Hamid Khan, officially declared the meet open.

The first events was the girls 100 metres final. St. Francis emerged as the Champion House followed by Raffles, Minto, Albuquerque, Famosa and Van Diemen. Mighty Albuquerque, the champion from 1973 to 1976 was dethroned. Famosa, the frequent runner-up, too was demoted. Raffles emerged as champion of the year.

The Timbalan Pengarah Pelajaran, Encik Abdul Aziz presented the prizes to the winners.

In the battle for the Champion House, St. Francis had a clear margin ahead of the rest. Even then, the diehards Raffleslians and Mintonians did not give the leader any chance. It was a tense three sided battle among them.

Page 102 Optimist 1977

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