Rover Crew 1976-1977

With the dissolution of the Malacca High School Rangers Company, the Rovers came into being with effect from June, 1976. Following along the lines of the scout movement and other uniform units, the Rovers aim to serve as well as to foster friendship among its members, and the community at large. Members comprises mainly of lower six pupils who are still keen on scouting and guiding as well as those who have had no previous experience in this movement.

The first meeting of the Rover Crew was spent discussing our proposed plans and programmes for the year. It was decided that we should launch the opening of our Rovers Crew with a big bang, ie. a trip to RTM, Angkasapuri, Kuala Lumpur. Preparations went without a hitch and indeed, it is most satisfying to note that the committee had worked their hearts out to make the trip a successful one. After Angkasapuri, we took a trip to Bukit Nenas, followed by Batu Caves and finally, Mimaland. ‘Syabas’ to the organisers.

Other activites included a night hike to Bukit Cina and field trips further out of the immediate vicinity. To the experienced members, the night hike was as satisfying as ever while the ‘freshies’ found the hikes a rather ‘sensational’ first time experience. Usually after the hikes, the Rovers camped in school. Next, the Rover Crew organized a fishing trip to Batu Berendam. In addition, we also attended a campfire at Bukit Cina Primary School, where we put up a show.

In the light of true Rovering spirit, we offered our services to Bukit Katil Primary School and taught the new scouts there some basic scouting rules and knowledge. In following the quest to learn more about scouting, some of the Rovers attended a Scout Masters course at Air Keroh. We camped at Mount Ophir too.

Page 90 Optimist 1977

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