What the Leo Club did in 1977 ?

The committee began its term of office during the second term. Among the activities completed are:-

  1. Painted a Mural on the right front porch of the school. The mural depicts the fort ‘A Formasa’ against a blue sky background with words welcoming visitors.
  2. Painted a facade for the Historical Society.
  3. Painted the backdrops of the school general library.
  4. Made map guides for visitors during school’s exhibition.
  5. Set up a ‘treasure hunt’ games stall to raise funds for the Orthopeadic Home.
  6. Sold match boxes in aid of the Association for the Prevention of Tuberculosis.
  7. Sold 150th anniversary photographs in aid of KMF.
  8. Participated in the charity premier ‘Jaws’ organised by the Lions Club of Malacca.
  9. Attended the Leo Fellowship Camp in Tanjung Kling jointly organized by Leo Club of ACS and MGSS.
  10. Entertained Orthopeadic Home inmates with a Leo party.
  11. Took part in the Lions Charity Dash.
  12. Beutified the school mini zoo.
  13. During the Lions Service Week, helped to distribute food parcels to various children at a free film show for them and also distribute drinks to members of the bands performing during the Band Display.
  14. Attended the 6th Leo Convention District 308 in Kuantan during the first term holidays.

Page 81 Optimist 1977

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