What we would do without teachers ? How much do we owe them ? I wonder how many of us students have really given such questions much thought.

Years ago, no celebrations were held regarding teachers. In fact, Teacher’s Day celebrations is a comparatively event in Malaysia, going back to around 1971 or so. But today, this is an auspicious day, and like all such days, it is celebrated with much pomp and grandeur.

This day, 17th of May, began in MHS with a general assembly. The Guest of Honour was Mr. George Thomas, an old boy of High School. Mr. Thomas gave a very arresting speech, which he began with a projection of MHS in the year 2026 – the Bicentennial of MHS. Even then, 40 years hence, in that particular era of great scientific and technological advancement, he saw a HALL-LESS school with “Baton-waving” figures … disciplinarians ? The mere facts that, such a figures were present, even in a vision, was disturbing. Thus Mr. Thomas stressed on the importance of self-discipline in students and he expressed his keenest hopes that in the future, dedication and self-discipline would be part and parcel of each student.

Back in the classes, many of the class teachers were presented with tokens of appreciation and gratitude from their class pupils. One can easily notice the fun and laughter, mixed merrily together, pouring forth from the classes.

Later, some students showed their showmanship by entertaining the teachers and fellow pupils to an hour long variety show. Included in the programme were sketches like “The Story of Robin Hood” and “The Six Million Dollar Man”, songs and dances like “The Dikir Barat” and “The Char-woman’s Dance”. For one of the song itmes, all teachers present called were upon to join in and follow the antics of the leader, doing such things as shaking their heads and limbs and stamping their feet all at the same time.

From the tennis courts of MHS, matches between the experienced teachers and the up and coming, young determined tennis players of the school took place. The cheering from the standers spurred the warring parties on, providing us with many entertaining and exciting crossplays from both teams.

Although celebrated in our own small way, Teacher’s Day was not without that something special that co-exist between teachers and pupils. In fact, it is during Teacher’s Day that the bonds between teachers and students should be and in fact are, tightened and maintained and a day when students show, in their own small ways, how much their teachers mean to them. All this was not absent in MHS of the 17th May 1977.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 37 Optimist 1977

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