A gifted sportsman, Robin Goh was not only a good cricketeer and hockey player but also a soccer star. He played football at Malacca Combined Schools and Burnly Cup level, held the school High Jump Division I Record at one time and played exciting Rugby and Softball for our school.

In hockey, his achievements included playing for the Malacca Combined Schools when he was only 15 years old and went on to play for the Malacca State team while still schooling. He, was not able to represent Malaysia at the 5th Asian Games in Bangkok due to his HSC ecamination.

Although he played wonderful hockey, Robin Goh is better know as a cricketeer. A powerful batsman and a good bowler, he led the Malacca Combined Schools team on numerous occassions and his cricket career reached a climax when he began to represent our country regularly.

The former school prefect was awarded ‘full colours’ for hockey at the University of Malaya. Truly a great personality, Robin Goh’s name will always invoke a tinge of pride among Malacca High School students.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 174 Optimist 1976

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