This former Captain of Minto House and School Prefect will be familiar among soccer fans. He has shot many a goal as a dynamic centre forward powering his teams which included our school team, the Malacca Combined Schools team, the State and finally the national team to victory.

Many will surely remember the days when Robert Choe, along with Abdul Ghani formed the ‘deadly duo’ of the Malaysian Forward Line.

On his road to soccer fame, Robert Choe at one time or another represented the Malacca Combined School team, captained the Malayan Combined Schools tour and played in the national soccer squad in numerous tournaments such as the 5th Asian Games in Bangkok in 1966.

The spirit champion and also a good rugger player Robert Choe used his foorball skills to get those extra points obtained by converting a try.

For his outstanding performances on the football field, Robert Choe was sent to United Kingdom with Abdul Ghani for a coaching course. This famous old boy of the school has worked for the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 173 Optimist 1976

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