The story of Mr. S.P.S. Pillay, a former teacher of High School, is of the kind that we see in films and read about in novels.

In his heyday, he was one of the best teachers in Malacca, and futile will be the task of working out the exact number of pupils that have experienced his teaching. The total would certainly run into the thousands. The most outstanding class under his “rule” was the famous class of 1954 for whom the 150th anniversary dinner was an ideal opportunity for a joyful get-together with their old master.

The school was indeed a home away from home for Mr. Pillay. A student in the early thirties, he shone in both the academic arena as well as in the sports field.

His period of teaching in the school, is one that will never be forgotten. A specialist in Mathematics, his invaluable aid and guidance has benefitted many students.

Apart from his regular teaching duties, he also played a prominent role in the scouting movement. As a matter of fact, he holds the honourable distinction of being the first Sea Scout Master in Malacca. He was also a Wood Badger; the highest possible award a scout can achieve.

Mr. Pillay retired in 1968, but he will always be remembered as a true, loyal and dedicated “old boy” of the Malacca High School.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 71 Optimist 1976

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