Sekolah Tinggi Melaka Teacher’s Day 1976

Monday, the 17th May, not only was Teacher’s Day but was also the day the Lower Sixes of the Science stream trooped into the school compund. Their first impression of the school was at the general assembly, where speeches were delivered by guests and the principal.

Among the guests who were invited to join the school in witnessing this day was Encik Hashim Pitt of the Parent-Teachers Association. The speeches presented by the guest speackers stressed on the importance of morality in education and the need for moral conduct in pupils.

Incidentally, this subject was chosen as the theme for this year’s Teacher’s Day. To sum up the speeches, the principal read out the letter, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had written to address the teachers on this year’s Teacher’s Day.

After this, Form teachers led their individual classes back to their classrooms and they were then duly presented with tokens of appreciations by their pupils. Then came the Teachers versus Pupils games and here is High School teacher, Mr. R. Schmidt to give an account of what took place…

‘I knew beforehand that Teacher’s Day 1976 would be a day when the grateful student body demonstrated with words and actions, its appreciation for the long hours of work and high level of dedication put forth by their faculty. What I didn’t know was, it would also be a chance to run circles until we were nauseous and pull ropes until we collapsed. But, sportsmen that we are, we could not be outdone by our own students and the teachers of MHS met the challenges presented.

‘The challenges did, however, require a few of our own ingenious tricks. Though I have skiied Aspen and Vale and the Northern Michigan hills, it was a new and enriching experience to ‘naik’ the 10-men skis on the High School padang and begin stomping balloons. Coordination, team-work, that’s all it takes.’

‘And while tug-of-war had always meant to me just pulling on a rope, I found that this endeavor too called upon our skill and team work to demolish our opponents. One-two-three, don’t just grab but grab in unison !

‘And I must say, none of my experience or training has ever prepared me for that umbrella-volleyball-wheel-barrow fiasco ! In fact, I still haven’t figured that one out.’

‘But the event that took the most careful concentration, was the one that turned us all into a bunch of staggering wrecks. All I remember is, they wanted us to run around a certain pole twenty times, after which we were expected to walk along the top of a bench. Well, it was one or the other, but not both – at least not in the order suggested ! After twenty times around that pole, the bench could not only not be climbed, but could hardly be kept in one place, as it spun circles around our minds !.

Of course, following traditions, sketches and mini plays were put up and in a sweaty, sardine-packed ovenlike hall of a library, the sketches were carried out. All were interesting in their own ways but those that appealed to the crowd greatly were those for examplem performed by 4 Science 1 which put up a TV scenario. The continuous changing of channels had resulted in a jumble of sentences with comical significances. Edmund, as the fat boy waiting for his exam results, did credit to his class(Lower 6 Arts 2) sketch and the fashion parade of the Lower 6 Arts 3 was creditable.

Now the medicine peddler of Lower 6 Arts 1 also won applause and the principal himself commented well on the girls who performed it. The school choir sounded better than ever in their perfomance and one of their songs, “Its a small world after all”, was highly entertaining.

Mr. Woon’s guitar duet did not go unnoticed either. The audience literally held their breath to catch the melodious tunes that floated from the guitars. Well done, Upper 6 Science 4 in getting Mr. Woon to join them in their singing ! And of course, the one sketch that stole the entire show was Upper 6 Arts Beauty Pageant. Some charming and tantalizing was Miss Malaysia’s smile and grace that he (he ???) naturally won. Miss Hong Kong’s fine pair of calves and milk white thighs secured him (her) the runners-up spot. Miss Hawaii, complete with straw skirts and all, (and that includes coconut shell halves) secured third place.

In conclusion, writes Mr. Schmidt…

‘So that was Teacher’s Day, 1976, it was a festive and creative day which we will remember with a smile.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 32 Optimist 1976

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