Prefects Report 1976

The Board of Prefects started out only 27 strong in 1976 under the leadership of Chi Cheng Hock. True to form, they carried out their duties conscientiously and it can well be said that the discipline of the school was well-maintained.

In January, 2 prefects namely Lee and Tham left to further their studies, the former in Australia and the later in Taylor’s College.

This reduction in strength in the Prefects Board was however reinstated when Chan and Mah were appointed to the Board and with the return of 6 members in the Lower Sixes.

A new booking system was introduced with the aim of making it a slightly easier job for prefects to check on offenders. The card system and Daily Prefects’ Report book were also maintained.

The Prefects also extended their duties to include helping out during school functions such ass the school Play and Sports. Indeed under the guidance of the Principal and the Disciplinary Board, the Prefects had made remarkable progress in the form of better student-teacher relationships.

Thus the Prefects motto : “Example Is Better Than Precept” has produced fine results and certainly the whole school hopes that the Board of Prefects will maintain their high standard of excellence and efficiency in the performance of duties.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 20 Optimist 1976

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