Letter From The Disciplinary Board

The school Disciplinary Board has over the years acquired a reputation for its no nonscense approach to disciplinary problems. This has inevitably led many pupils to believe that the Disciplinary Board comprises teachers who are non-sympathetic towards pupil problems and are tyrants who instil fear to ensure discipline. This is fallacious thinking.

The Board members have a duty to perform, that is, to maintain discipline so that there can exist an atmosphere conductive to the process of teaching and learning. No school can be expected to do well, academically or otherwise, if there is no discipline. It is with this in mind that the Board members carry out their duties to the best of their abilities, without fear or favour.

However, there can be no single solution to the varied types of disciplinary problems with range from childish mischief to petty theft, gambling in school, defiance, truancy or cigarette-smoking. Each needs to be tackled differently. Where punishment is deemed necessary, then it is meted out as fairly as possible to show one the folly of one’s ways.

More often than not, it is counselling that is required and this is where we have to draw the line. Unfortunately, sometimes it is only the language of the cane, such as it is, that is heeded.

The discipline of Melaka High School is comparatively high. This augurs well for a school that is marching into its 150th year because discipline and good academic performance go hand in hand.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 16 Optimist 1976

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