Faber-Merlin’s $25,000 Gift To Foundation (1976)

Fraser Hill, 1976 – Faber-Merlin Malaysia Bhd. donated $25,000 while the Malacca High School’s class of 1954 made a pledge of $5,000 today to the Tun Razak Foundation.

The chairman of Faber-Merlin, Mr. Chang Ming Thien, handed over a cheque for the amount to the marketing director of the New Straits Times Press, Encik Abu Mansor Wahab, at the Hotel Merlin, Fraser’s Hill.

The donation coincided with the opening today of the hotel by the Sultan of Pahang.

Mr. Chang paid a tribute to Tun Razak “whose ideals are so dear to our hearts and minds.”

The 65-member staff of the hotel donated $141 through their acting manager, Encik Zulkifli Abdullah.

Mr. K. Pathmanaban, the former MP for Teluk Menang, who signed the pledge on behalf of his class at the New Straits Times office said he hoped the contribution would have a snowballing effect and encourage other old boys’ associations to come forward with donations.

“If the fund is to serve its noble objective, it must have a very significant amount in the coffers. Only then will we be serving the late Tun well.” he said.

Mr. Pathmanaban was accompanied by former classmates, Dr. Jones Verghese, former Director of Public Health Institute, Encik Samad Yahaya, former managing director of UDA Merchant Bankers, Dr. T. Thurairatnam, a former dental surgeon, Mr. Tam Kong Onn and Mr. Ee Chong Wah.

Meanwhile, teachers and pupils of the Sekolah Aminuddin Baki in Kampung Pandan donated $250.

NST 1976

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 19 Optimist 1976

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