Exploring The Malacca River In Search Of The Past

In 1976, a group of students and teachers of our school, arrived at the Quayside, boarding one of the two fishing boats at the mouth of the Malacca River.

When their wooden fishing boats started sailing, they noted that the Malacca Market was crowded with fishing boats.

After some distance, the two boats they were in, reached a settlements of wood plank houses with attap roofing erected above the waters of the river, then, they realised that to these fishermen, time seemed to have stood still.

“Away we go …” The KPP waved to everyone in one of the two boats.

The Malacca River winds lazily through the busy town centre.

People were building boats on the bank.

The jouney ended – the gallant explorers (students and teachers of the year 1976, Malacca High School) thwarted from reaching the source by a water-gate at Batu Berendam.

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 28 Optimist 1976

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