SEED Water Project
SMK Tinggi Melaka,
Melaka Malaysia

On 1st July Wengkai Lee (the Schlumberger SEED Champion for the Melaka High School) visited Melaka High School to introduce the water project to around 100 students.The audience were very enthusiastic and the testing day was quickly fixed for 2nd August 2004. Bing Day (SEED volunteer) and Wengkai went down to join in the fun. On that day 32 students and 2 teachers took part in gathering samples and testing water from three rivers: Sungai Tampin, Sungai Batang Melaka and Sungai Melaka. Later, on the 23rd of August 2004, a second team of 26 students investigated another river: Sungai Putat. The students all worked very hard on their projects gave excellent presentations on their findings and suggestions for change on 23rd September 2004.

Two of the team reports are presented here, listed by team name and edited for presentation on the web site.

  1. Aqualine
  2. iRABBiT

Volunteer Views

SMK Tinggi Melaka joins the SEED Water Project
by Wengkai Lee

It all started on 1st July, where myself met for the first time with Mr Yen to discuss on how SEED can bring more benefits and impact to their students after the programme was implemented 3 years ago. A presentation to about 100 students about Water Project and how to use the SEED website was made and received overwhelming results from both teachers and students. The enthusiasm to carry out the Water Project can been seen by a systematic planned Water Project Teams formed by the students under the guidance of Miss Lim, MHS Senior Chemistry Teacher. The Teams are the River Team and the Lake Team and each has its own Survey, Testing, Culture and Story-Telling Team.

On 2nd Aug, Bing Day and myself joined the Malacca High School Water Project Team (about 30 students of Lower Sixers and 2 teachers) on a field trip to survey the main rivers in Malacca. After a Safety Briefing, the bus departed from the school and headed to Sungai Tampin which is located north of Malacca town. State Water Department officials also joined the Team to provide technical and geographical assistance. Lots of laughter and excitement from these youths especially many have not such an upclose encounter with rivers nor ever gave deep thoughts to the source of our daily drinking water. Over two hours, 3 rivers (Sg Tampin, Sg Batang Melaka and Sg Melaka) were sampled and field-tested using the provided Water Test kits on site.

These students will analyze the results of the water tests and will make a presentation to recommend action plans can be done to improve the water quality in September. In addition to this River Testing, there will be an additional group to test the water quality of the Ayer Keroh Recreational Lake in the coming week. It’s a great start for Malacca High School !!!!

Not forgetting to thank the SEED Team for making this happen and especially for Bing, thanks for tagging along, gracias. See you MHS in September…

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