Board Message On 150th High School Anniversary

It is a privilege and an honour to be asked to write a message on such a momentous occasion as the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the school which is a venerable age by any standards. A comparison with other schools in Malaysia shows that the Penang Free School is the only school of greater antiquity and that only by a few years. Another similarity with the Penang Free School is the fact that the Malacca High School was originally known as the Malacca Free School. It started as a free religious school but in the course of its chequered history it has altered in function as well as in name to meet the challenging educational needs of the Malacca community which it has served so long and faithfully. Today as always it is the premier secondary school in Malacca and second to the very few in the country.

It is a school renowned for its achievement both in the high academic quality of its students and the consistently high standard attained in the field of sports through the years.

For forty-seven years beginning in 1884 the school was housed in the building now used by the Malacca Courts of Justice. Since 1931 it has been at its present site first occupying only the wooden main building which is now forty five years old and as the years passed the several blocks of annexes which sprawl close by.

There were strong indications two years ago that 1976 would see the school in possession of a hall to match its stature; however this was not to be, but hopefully the foundation stone of a prestigeous new hall will be laid this year.

The school has produced numerous students who have made names for themselves in many walks of life or have reached such pinnacles in sports as to be chosen to represent the nation. These honours were not achieved lightly but through a dedication of mind and spirit which in no small way was a result of training in the school.

While we look back with pride on these achievements of our predecessors we should look forward with equal pride to the young hopefuls who fill the school today and those who will do so in the years to come confident that with the inspiring background of achievement in past years they will stive valiantly to uphold and increase the honour and prestige of the school and maintain its reputation as a school second to none.

Ong Sek Pek

Converting Hard Copy to Soft Copy: Page 9 Optimist 1976

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